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Party Dresses For Teenagers

Party Dresses For Teenagers
Wearing a party dress to a gathering or, well, a party, can be a great experience. There are so many different styles to choose from, so your possibilities are literally endless. Before you go shopping, however, consider some of these key fashion tips.

* Think about your body type.

Knowing the shape of your body can help save you oodles of time and stress. Whether hourglass or pear-shaped, you’ll be able to direct yourself to the section that most flatters your body type. If you are completely clueless, ask a salesperson for help; they should be able to steer you in the right direction.

* Know your colors.

No matter the style of dress you choose, if it’s in the wrong color, you’ll end up looking ghastly rather than ravishing. If you are at a loss as to what shades look best on you, take note of your overall coloring, as this has a direct bearing on what shades will work best on you.

Another rule of thumb is to match one section of your outfit to your hair color. How does this work? Well, let’s say you’re a blonde. One very popular look this season are halter dresses that start off white, but then taper into pleasing sunny, yellow splashes of color. A dress like that would look perfect on you because it will reflect your overall natural coloring.

The same rule holds true for any hair or eye color. You can even use this rule when just getting dressed as usual. Let’s say you’re dark haired and dark-eyed. You could pair a dressy white shirt with a pair of dark blue jeans and top the outfit off with a big black belt. It’s the belt that will tie your overall color with the outfit. Try it; it works like a charm every time.
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* Know your numbers.

The advent of the Internet has made it a dream to shop, if you know some specific numbers, namely your bust size, waist size and hip measurements. If you don’t know them, don’t worry; they’re easy to find out. Grab some measuring tape and first:

* Measure your breast size.

Grasp the tape between your thumb and index finger and hold it taunt across the fullest part of your bust. The number you get will be your breast size in inches. Whether you come up with twenty-four inches, or thirty-six inches, knowing this key number will ensure that the bodice of your dress fits correctly.

* Waist size comes next.

Now it’s time to measure the size of your waist. As with your breast measurement, you’re going to want to hold the measuring tape taunt across your waist, and yes, it’s okay to pull in your stomach. The number you get is your waist size.

* On to the hips.

If you’ve ever bought a cool looking pair of jeans, only to find that it can’t go over your hips, then you’ll appreciate this measurement. As with the previous two measurements, you’ll be holding the measuring tape tightly. The number you measure will yield your hip size. You are now officially ready to safely order a cool teen party dress online!

One quick note of caution; once you do get your numbers, let’s say 24-22-28, or 36-34-36, you’ll want to carefully look at the size chart and check whether you should be shopping in the petites or tall section. This added layer will ensure that the clothes you purchase will fit.

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